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LazyOne Labradors Mens PJ T-Shirt

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Our Men's pyjamas are so comfy when on, it feels like you're 'bearly' wearing anything at all! Made for either men or women, these roomy jammie tees are made from 100% cotton and pack a wild pattern! Lightweight fabric make these tees great to sleep in. Matching pj trousers can be purchased separately. As a herd of nature lovers, Lazy One continually strives to “go green” as they move toward becoming a plastic-free company. Hangers made from recycled paper and an emphasis on recycling are all top priorities of Lazy One. In a nutshell, Lazy One is all about keeping folks feeling warm and fuzzy, from super comfy PJ’s to Cosy Slipper socks-- all served with a hearty dose of hilarity.