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Equitech Hoof's Tuff Hoof Hardener

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Equitech's Hoof''s Tuff, also known as Hoof Stuff, is a highly effective multi-component solution to toughen, increase resilience and help protect the hooves of horses from damage caused by exposure to excessive moisture, harsh environmental conditions and general wear and tear. Its powerful anti bacterial action helps reduce the build up of potentially harmful bacteria

Its thick "non drip" consistency assists application and helps minimise the risk of splashing and spills

Equitech Hoof's Tuff contains two compounds which build bridges within the swollen and separated keratin tubules of the horn. The different lengths of these compounds helps optimise the fit between different sized spaces within the Keratin increasing toughness and resilience without making the hooves too hard or brittle.

Equitech Hoof's Tuff has a natural disinfectant property which helps reduce the level of undesirable
organisms which can damage the hoof and cause discomfort

Equitech Hoof's Tuff contains a zinc based buffer to help minimise the effects of ammonia from urine and dung.

Equitech Hoof's Tuff has been primarily developed for horses but can be used with any hoofed animals where they are exposed to harsh conditions.

Contains Formaldehyde at low levels (4%).  Use safely 

Available in: 125ml & 330ml